Party lianten Tripura-a inbengbel Bru-te vote thlaktir an duh lo

Mizorama political party lian pathumte chuan Tuirial Assembly Constituency bye-election lo awm turah Tripura-a inbengbel tawh Mizoram electoral roll-a hming la chuang Bru mi eng emawzatte chu vote thlak phalsak lo turin ngenna thehluh an tum.

Thudawn danin, nimin khan rorel lai party Mizo National Front (MNF) leh eptu party lian pahnih Zoram Peoples Movemnet (ZPM) leh Indian National Congress (INC)-te chuan inthurualin, Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), Election Commission of India hnenah Tuirial bial chhung Hortoki polling booth pahniha Bru voter Mizoram electoral roll-a hming la chuang engemawzat la awmte chu, Ministry of Home Affairs remtihna hnuaia Tripura inbengbel nghet tawh an nih angin 4th Tuirial A/C bye-election lo awm turah vote thlak ve phalsak lo turin ngenna thehluh an tum a ni.

October 30, 2021-a Tuirial bial bye-election neih tura chuh tumte tan October 8 thleng hming pek luh theih a ni a, October 11-ah hming luttte endik a ni ang a, inhnukdawk leh duhte tan October 13 thleng hun hawn a ni a, vote tla te hi November 2-ah chhiar a ni ang.

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