Company hnena lung hâl phalna pek chungchangah sawi duh nei tan hun hawng

Bhartia Infra Project Ltd-in NH-54 Widening and upgradation to 2- lane with paved shoulder configuration and geometric improvements an thawh mekah a ṭul huna lung hâl leh verhna hmun atan Serchhip Thenzawl road Pass No. PP 66 of 1981 chu Serchhip District Bawrhsap hnenah an dil a, hemi chung-changah hian Serchhip District Bawrhsap, Kumar Abhishek chuan mipuite hriattirna tichhuakin, hemi chungchangah hian a him lohna emaw, a rem lohna emaw hria chuan a hnenah hriattirna a tihchhuah aṭanga thla khat chhungin ziaka chiang taka sawi theih a ni tih a tarlang a, hun tiam chhung a ral hnuah chuan Explosive Rules, 2008-in thuneihna a pek angin an dil angin hnathawh phalna pek an nih tur thu leh sawi buai theih a nih tawh loh tur thu a tarlang.

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