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Sawrkarin Private Placement Agency te hriattur leh zawm tur siam

Mizoram sawrkar chuan hnathawh tur zawngtute an lo him zawk nan a hnuaia tarlan ang hian hna zawn saktute(Placement Agencies) zawng zawngin an hriat leh zawm ngei ngei tur hriattirna a ti chhuak.

Mizoram Private Placement Agencies (Regulation) Act 2015 leh Mizoram Private Placement Agencies (Regulation) Rules, 2017-in a sawi Private Placement Agency te tana zawm tur leh hriattur pawimawh thenkhatte a hnuaiah hian tarlan a ni.

  1. Mizoram pawna hnathawk tura domestic worker tirhte chu kaltir an nih atanga ni 7 ral hma-in an tirh te chanchin kimchang Deputy Commissioner hnenah thehluh tur a ni. (sec 8 (1))
  2. Private Placement Agency-in domestic worker hnen atangin fee eng chi mah, engti kawng pawha siamin an la tur a ni lo. (Sec 8(2))
  3. Kum 18 hnuai lam te, Court-in thiam loh a chantir (criminal record nei) te, pianphung leh rilru lama rual ban lo te domestic worker atan chhawr theih an ni lo. (rule 8)
  4. Private Placement Agency chuan domestic worker hming leh address, hna an thawhna hmun hming leh an thawhnaa biakpawh theih ngei contact number te register-ah an chhinchhiah zel tura ni. (Sec 8(5))
  5. Domestic worker tur te chu an chanchin police-in an finfiah hmasa tur a ni. An chanchin finfiah tur hian Rule-in a sawi angin kalpui tur a ni a, hetianga police-in verification an neih te hi Agency-in Character Certificate a siamsak ang. Police-in an chanchin finfiahna a neih te lo chu Agency-in domestic worker atana a rawih emaw, hnathawk tura tirh theih an ni lo. (rule 5)
  6. (i) Domestic worker tur chuan a hnuaia tarlanahte hian training a nei hmasa tur a ni. (rule 7(2))

Training hun chhung :
Classroom: Darkar 50 aia tlem lo.
Practical: Ni 10 aia tlem lo chhungin darkar 30 tal.

Training-naa subject tel ngei turte :
a) General conduct and dress etiquette
b) Manners & etiquette including table manner
c) Operation of kitchen including planning menus and creating meals
d) Operation of household appliances such as washing machine, Oven, Dryer, Dishwasher, etc
e) Maintenance of personal hygiene, cleanliness, health and sanitation.
f) Crisis response & first aid in case of earthquake, flash flood, terrorist attack, etc.
g) Rudimentary knowledge of passport, Visa, etc.
h) Old age & child care tips.
i) Culture, values, traditions, language of country/State of placement.

(ii) Training (domestic worker training) hi Private Placement Agency emaw hetiang training pe thei agency/institute in an pe thei anga. Trainee hnenah training period leh training chungchang tarlanna certificate an pechhuak ang.

  1. Private Placement Agency chuan office pawnah agency hming leh licence number chuanna signboard a tar tur a ni. (sec 8(4))
  2. Private Placement Agency-in awmna hmun a sawn chuan Ni 7 chhungin Deputy Commissioner hnenah report tur a ni. (rule 9(1))

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