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Health care worker-te ni 5-naah in-test tur

State Level Expert Team on Covid-19 Management (SLETOCOM)-in rawtna a siam angin Health Care Worker-te tan Quarantine/Isolation SOP chu siam a ni.

SOP siam tharah chuan Health Care Worker Covid-19 hri kai zinga symptom neilo (asymptomatic) leh symptom nei nasa lo (mildly symptomatic)-te chu Covid-19 hri an kai ni aṭanga chhiara ni 5-naah RAgT test neiin, an negative chuan hna chhunzawm tura tih an ni a, hetihlai hian ni 5-naa test-a la positive-te leh symptom neite chuan mipui nawlpui tana SOP siamsa zawm tura tih an ni.

Health Care Worker zingah Primary High Risk Contact (Covid-19 hri kai chenpui nei) symptom nei lo leh symptom nei nasa lo-te chu Covid-19 damlo nen an in-contact aṭangin an in khung ang a, ni 5-naah RAgT test tur a ni a, RAgT result-a an negative chuan hna an chhun-zawm tur a ni bawk a ni.

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