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National Science Day 2022 hmang

Nimin khan Mizoram Science, Technology & Inno-vation Council (MISTIC), Directorate of Science & Technology, Planning Department buatsaihin Innovation Facility Centre Exhibition Hall, MINECO, Aizawl-ah ‘National Science Day, 2022’ hman a ni.

He hun hi Dr. Lalhriat-zuali Ralte, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Aizawl chuan khuallian niin a hmanpui a, kumin National Science Day puala thupui chu ‘Integrated Approach in Science & Technology for Sustainable Future’ tih a ni.

National Science Day 2022 lawmnaah hian State Level Science Quiz 2022 (Online) MISTIC-in a buat-saih result puan leh lawm-man sem hun hman a ni bawk.

Nimin, National Science Day pualin ramchhung hmun hrang hrangah hun hman a ni a, Raman Effect hmuhchhuah hriatreng nan he ni hi kumtin February ni 28-ah hman ṭhin a ni. Raman Effect hi Indian Physicist, Sir CV Raman-a’n hmuchhuakin he a thil hmuh chhuah avang hian kum 1930 khan Nobel Prize a dawng a ni.

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