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MADC inthlan atan symbol tifel

Mara Autonomous District Council (MADC) inthlanna atana candidate-te chhinchhiahna (symbol) tihfel a ni.

MADC inthlanna lo awm tura chuh tum candidate te hnenah nimin khan DC conference Room-ah symbol pek chhuah a ni a, Returning Officer Lalsang-liana, DC hovin he hun hi hman a ni a, Recognised Party MNF, BJP leh INC-te chu an party symbol Arsi, Lotus leh Kutphah ṭheuh an hmang ang a, Registered party ZPM-te chu an symbol hauh Lukhum (hat) chu pek an ni bawk a. Independent candidate mi 5-te pawh symbol pekfel an ni bawk.

Party hrang hrang hruaituten MDC inthlan campaign beihpui thlak turin ruahmanna an siam mek a ni.

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