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MADC inthlanpui neih hun atan May ni 5

Mizoram State Election Commission chuan Mara Autonomous District Council (MADC) inthlanpui neih hun atan May ni 5 a ruat a, May ni 9 ah vote tla te chhiar a ni ang.

MADC inthlan lo awm turah hian Candidate-te chuan tun thla ni 13 thleng nomination an thehlut thei dawn a, ni 18 thleng Candidate te inhnuhdawhhun hawn a ni.

Mara Autonomous District Council term kal lai hi kumin May ni 15 khian a tawp dawn a, MADC-ah hian Voter 42,326 awmin an zinga mi 21,960- te hi hmeichhia niin 20,366- te hi mipa an ni a, Constituency 25 leh Polling Stations 81 leh Polling Booth 81 a awm a ni.

MADC ah hian Siaha East-II Constituency ah voter 2808 awmin voter tamna ber a ni a, Amohtlah Constituency ah voter 1049 awmin Constituency mal a voter tlemna ber a ni thung.

Hetih lai hian Amotlah Constituency a Riasikah Polling Station ah voter 95 awmin voter awm tlemna ber a ni a, Siaha North-I Constituency a -College Vaih-I Polling Station ah voter 1055 awmin Polling Station voter tamna ber a ni ve thung.

SEC thuchhuah chuan MADC inthlan lo awm turah hian EVM hman a ni dawn a ti a, nimin aṭang khan Model Code of Condutc chu Siaha District-ah hman ṭan nghal a ni a, hei hian Political Party te, Candidate, Minister, Member of Parliament, Member of Legislative Assembly leh inthlannaa inhnamhnawih Public Servant-te a huam dawn a ni.

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