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PRISM-in FIR thehlut

Mizoram News

PRISM Hqrs chuan Trade & Commerce Department in Land Custom Station, Zokhawthar a hna a thawh dan chung chang ah thil fel lo tam tak awm a hriat avangin nimin khan Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) ah FIR a theh lut.

PRISM chuan RTI hmang in December 2008 hnu lama he department in Land Custom Station Zokhawthar a hma a lakna (project) chi hrang hrang information a dil a. RTI chhanna bawh zui hian PRISM Sub-Hqrs Champhai ten uluk tak a zir chiangin thil dik lo tam tak a awm in an hria a, FIR hi an thehlut ta a ni.

Heng sum sen leh a thawh inmillo leh diklo nia an sawi zingah hian Custom Warehouse-cum-Godown, Fumigation Chamers, Barack, Loading & unloading yard, electronic wieght bridge, Installation of Independent Energy Metres, Approach Road Black Topping of Approach Road and Internal Road, Chowkider quarter, RCC Storm Drain, Tol Gate-cum-Office, Rest House, Renovation of Land Custom Station Building leh a dang dangte a tel a ni.

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