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Session-ah Minister / MLA-te hlawh tihpunna tur dan siamthatna pulut dawn

Naktuk aṭanga ṭan tur ni 3 awh Assembly inkhawmah chuan sawrkar bill 8 lut zingah Minister leh MLA-te hlawh tihpunna tur dan siamṭhatna putluh a ni dawn.

Assembly Secretariat-a thawkte sawi danin Assembly inkhawm lo awm turah hian dan dinglai siamṭhatna tur 8 put luh tura thehluh tawh a awm a. Chu’ng zingah chuan Minister, Speaker leh Deputy Speaker, Deputy Government Chief Whip leh MLA-te hlawh tihpunna tura dan siamṭhatna chu put luh a ni dawn a. Official resolution pakhat a lut tawh a. House chhunga ṭawng-ka a chhan chi zawhna (starred question) 207 lut tawhin ziaka chhan chi zawhna 6 a lut tawh a. House dawhkana dah tur sawrkar lehkha pawimawh 8 a lut tawh bawk a ni.

A tirah chuan tun Assembly inkhawm hi thla ruk dana neih ngei ngei a ngaih avanga koh ang chauh a nih laiin sawrkar lamin dan siamṭhatna tur pawimawh tak tak an pek luh leh tak si avangin a pawimawh viau dawn a. Assembly inkhawm hun tura ni 3 bituk hi pawhsei a ṭul dawn leh dawn loh chu a la hriat rih loh ni a thudawn a ni.

Official Resolution hi the Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Right) Act 2006 paihna tur rawtna a ni a. Bill lût pakhatah chuan the Mizoram Public Demands Recovery Act, 2001 hnawlna tur a awm bawk nia thudawn a ni.

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