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ADC 3-ah Golden Jubilee lâwm

Zirtawpni kalta (April 29, 2022) kha Mizorama Autonomous District Council pathumte dinchampha phak kum 50-na, Golden Jubilee a ni a, district council pathum hqrs-ah lawmna neih a ni a, Jubilee lawmna hi Chakma Autonomous District Council (CADC) chuan Chawngte-ah neiin khuallian atan Assembly Spreaker Lalrinliana Sailo an hmang a, Siaha-ah chuan Mara Autonomous District Council (MADC) Golden Jubilee lawmna hi MADC Complex-ah neih a niin, khuallian KT.Beicho, IRAS, Commissioner Secretary, Excise & Narcotic Deptt. hman a ni a, Lai Autono-mous District Council kum 50-na, Golden Jubilee lawmna pawh LADC Complex Lawngtlaiah neih niin, Golden Jubilee lawmna bulṭannaah hian LADC-a CEM V.Zirsanga chuan jubilee pual hriatrengna a hawng a, kum 1972 April 29 khan Pawi Lakher Regional Council chu district council pathum Lai, Mara leh Chakma District Council-ah te ṭhen a ni.

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