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Minister hmu

Serchhip News

Nimin khan Sub-Hqrs. YMA hruaitute chuan Serchhip damdawi in-a Doctor indaih loh chungchang sawipuiin Aizawl-ah Health Minister an hmu a, Health Minister chuan a rang lama lo buaipui sak turin Principal Director hnenah lehkha a siamsak a, Sub-Hqrs. YMA hruaitute hian Principal Director pawh hi hmu nghalin an thil ngenah hlawhtlin an beisei hle niin thu kan dawng a, hei bakah hian Sub-Hqrs. YMA hruaitute hian Sub-Hqrs. YMA Conference neih tur atan thil ṭul hrang hrang an ti

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