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LPG man thar

Food and Cilvil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department chuan ni 1.9.2017 khan Mizoram chhung hmun hrang hrangah 14.2 Kg Domestic Subsidised/ Non-Subsidised Rate leh DBTL Scheme hnuaia Subsidy dawn tur zât a bithliah thar.

Vairengte tih loh Mizoram khaw dang zawngah chuan 14.2 Kg (Domestic) chu Subsidised lohin Rs.719 a ni a, Cylinder pakhata subsidy zat chu Rs.236.98 niin, 19 Kg Commercial Cylinder chu Rs.1313.50 a ni. 14.2 Kg. te hi home delivery-a hralh dawn chuan Rs.7.53 belh zel tur a ni a, Show room-a hralh dawn chuan Rs.18.00 paih zel tur a ni thung a ni.

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