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Sawrkarin 10% a tum loh vangin Fire Station sak ṭhat a nilo

Fire & Emergency Services tih changtlunna tur ‘Strengthening of Fire and Emergency Services’ hnuaia sawrkar laipui atanga sum hmuhah state sawrkarin a tum ve tur a pek loh vangin cheng nuai 17.20 chu thil dang lei nan pawhpen a ni a, uchuak takin chhiah chawi anga supplier te an insawi avangin cheng nuai 27 chuang senral a ni bawk.
Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) report-in a tarlan danin, Fire & Emergency Services tihchangtlunna atan Home Ministry chuan Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS) hnuaiah kum 2009 Nov. ni 23 khan Mizoram sawrkarah cheng vbc. 3.60 a pe a, 10% chu Mizoram sawrkarin a tum ve tur cheng nuai 33 a ni.

Sawrkar laipui chuan 2010 January leh 2011 May inkarah cheng vbc. 3.27 chu Mizoram sawrkarah a pe a. State sawrkarin a tum ve tur a pek tak loh avangin he project-in a tum ber Fire station sak ṭhat, siam that leh training-na tur hmun siam te chu tihhlawhtlin a ni ta lo a. Hei bakah hian he project a tel lo thil dang lei nan hian cheng nuai 17 leh sang hnih chu hman a ni bawk.

CAG report tarlan dan chuan, he project atana hman tur sawrkar laipuiin a pek chhuah cheng vbc. 3.27 atang hian Rs.303,31,000/- chu deptt. mamawh leina atana hman a ni a, hengte hi supplier 6-te hnen atanga lei a ni a. Central Sales Tax-a an chawi tur Rs.5,41,000/- laiin Rs. 32,86,000/- chawi angin Fire & Emergency Deptt. hnenah hian an thlen a, tul lovah cheng Rs.27,45,000/- zet deptt-in a hloh a ni.

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