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Minister pahnih sum demand sawiho

Assembly Budget Session kal mekah nimin khan kum 2021 – 2022 chhunga Minister pahnih sum hman tur sawiho leh a ni:

Lalruatkima Deptt. chan:
Rural Development Dept — Rs.438,45,37,000/-
Information & Public Relation Dept — Rs.12,13,08,000/-
Land Revenue Department — Rs.30,17,07,000/-
TOTAL — Rs.480,75,47,000/

Dr R. Lalthangliana Deptt chan:
Health & Family Welfare Dept. — Rs.623,73,62,000/-
Higher & Technical Education — Rs.259,03,97,000/-
Commerce & Industries Dept. — Rs.78,05,18,000/-
TOTAL — Rs.960,82,72,000/-

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