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Season Opening Volleyball Tournament FINAL vawiinah khel dâwn

Serchhip District Volleyball Association (SDVA) Season Opening Volleyball Tournament 2022 semi-final chu nimin khan Serchhip Vengchung Volleyball Court-ah khelh zawh a ni a, vawiin hian final khelh a ni ang.

Nimina hmeichhe semi-final khelhah Bungtlang Volleyball Club chuan 3-0-in Keiṭum Kawn Veng Volleyball Club an hneh a, Vengchung Volleyball Club-in 3-0 bawkin Dinthar Volleyball Club an hneh a, final-ah hian Bungtlang leh Vengchung hmeichhiate an inkhel dawn a ni.

Veteran-ah Bungtlang Veteran Volleyball Club-ten 2-1-in B.Manliani Memorial Volleyball Club, New Serchhip an hneh a, Grace Pharmacy & VTS team-in 2-0-in Chhim Veng Volleyball Club Veteran an hneh bawk a, final-ah hian Bungtlang leh Grace Pharmacy & VTS team-te an inkhel dawn a ni.

Mipa semi-final hmasa zawkah New Serchhip Volleyball Club-in 3-2-in Hriangtlang Volleyball club an khel a, semi-final hnuhnung zawkah Keitum Kawn Veng chuan 3-1-in Darnam Volleyball Club an hneh a, New Serchhip leh Keiṭum Kawn Vengten vawiinah final an khel ang.

Tournament khârna hun hi vawiin chhun dar 12-ah Serchhip Vengchung Volleyball Court-ah hman a ni ang a, J.Malsawmzuala Vanchhawng chuan khual-lian niin a hmanpui ang.

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